I’m Leonoor.

I’m a visual storyteller. Scroll down and take a look at my work. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to get in touch

A little bit about me.

I am Leonoor Ruigrok, born in 1973, and as a visual artist, I am known for my intriguing approach to magical realism. I constantly seek a delicate balance between the dark and the vividly expressive aspects of life. My studies at the Utrecht School of the Arts have laid a philosophical and conceptual foundation for my art, which is deeply rooted in the use of my feelings and intuition.

I translate emotions into visual expressions with a rich palette of colors and a diversity of materials. My signature character, rabbit Flip, whom I have transformed into HAAS, captures the duality of my themes—a figure that dances both in the shadows and in the light. I have developed a skill in blending the dark sides of life with moments of joy and expressiveness, giving my work a profound humanity.

My art is a dialogue between the visible and the invisible, between darkness and lightness, where I transform feelings into color and texture. The themes I choose are both contemporary and timeless, reflecting the universal human experiences of joy and sorrow. This not only gives my work visual appeal but also makes it emotionally resonant and rich in depth.

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My Work

Haas Down Up

Haas project3#




Charcoal drawning Landscape2

Landscape on vinted paper


Deer You

Deer Knock