Task: Develop the Flying Shop concept into a well-functioning organization. The Flying Shop is a collaborative project of the Fioretti College Hillegom, the entrepreneurs from the region and the municipality of Hillegom. In the Vliegende Winkel, students of the 'Entrepreneurship and ICT' education house make multimedia products such as company vlogs for entrepreneurs. RESULT: Young people who discover their own talents in creative, entrepreneurial and social fields through "doing" and "trust". [2020]


For the school year  2020 I started a co-creation for a new graduation profile in which media education is connected to society and is linked to the subject "citizenship". The collaboration with the municipality of Hillegom will be strengthened and several charities will be identified. Omroep BO will join to broadcast the video films / AV material and offer workshopwise audiovisual expertise. [2020]

Audiovisueel photographic docent
Audiovisueel docent